Top 10 Christmas Gifts
Finding the top gifts

Everybody knows that finding the right Christmas presents is often difficult so if you are stuck you can always take a look at the top 10 Christmas gifts that are being purchased by others. The following won’t list the actual 10 items that are sold more than any other but in this case think of it more as a guide to finding the best gifts for this Christmas. When you see the list of the most popular gifts you’ll probably have one of your kids in mind, your brother or sister or one of your parents. Many of the items on the list would suit more than one person so if you find a really good deal on them you may even be inclined to buy a few.

The Top 10 Christmas Gifts are Familiar Ones

1.The Smaller Electronic Gadgets

Really, electronics of some variety cover almost the entire list. For the first section, consider some of the smaller ones and you will read about the larger ones later on. To start off with, cell phones are always popular. The technology advances so quickly that there is always a new model out there that will do more, and the prices have gone down quite a bit. On the slightly larger scale, you will find things like the Nintendo Wii or Xbox game systems. The good thing about these is that you can either buy the game system for somebody that doesn’t have one, or upgrade the game selection for somebody who does. Apple rounds out this category with a couple of strong contenders; the iphone and the itouch are both very sought after Christmas gifts. If you find that these are little expensive, there are a number of smaller but similar devices on the market. Check out or to get an idea of prices and availability.

2. Electronic Gadgets Part Two

This section is for people who want to get a really good gift for somebody, or that have a little bit of extra money to spend on something really amazing this Christmas. LCD televisions are actually now priced much lower than they were only a year ago. Many stores have incredible deals on LCD TVs and now is probably the time of year to buy. Digital cameras are also very hot. They actually get cheap enough to fall into the former category, but they make it into the more expensive category because there are models that can set you back a lot more than anything in the smaller electronic gadgets section. Those would be the SLR versions of a digital camera that have somewhere in the neighbourhood of 20 mega pixels. That would come with an instruction manual about as long as a novel, so these are not for the kids. Think of this more for your wife or husband.

3. Presents in the Top 10 Christmas Gifts Category for Kids

Now, of course it matters whether you’re shopping for a son or daughter. If it’s for your daughter, then chances are pretty good that anything Hannah Montana will go over pretty well. There’s a wide range of products in this category alone but this is an extremely popular franchise. Adults may have trouble understanding it but the kids love it. For the boy in the family you can look at a caster board. The best way to describe this item is to call it a motorized skateboard. Obviously if you take this route, make sure that the young fellow is old enough to operate such thing and that it comes with the proper safety gear. The helmet is the absolute minimum, but more is better.

The Robot Dog

Yes, this one would probably fall into the category of electronic gadgets but it just simply doesn’t look like one. Despite its technology this is really more of a toy and just about any kid would love to have one. There are a few different makers out there and if you can manage to get one of these for your kids, it will keep them amused for a long time.

Use the Top 10 Christmas Gifts as a Guide

If you go on the Internet and search what are the top 10 gifts of this Christmas, you’ll see everything that is mentioned above on most lists. Some deviation from the actual items listed here is OK, but the idea is that you now have an impression of what is hot this year and what will really make people happy.

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