One year anniversary gift
The best ideas for your boyfriend

When anyone sets out to find a good one year anniversary gift for boyfriends, it probably seems like pretty easy task, right? Once you actually start going out to buy something you find that it’s not as easy as you thought! Sometimes the problem is that there aren’t enough things to buy; the problem here is that there is such a wide variety of things in each category that you don’t know where to start. You can go with clothes, sports equipment, gadgets or something less tangible. Once you’ve nailed down the category, you have to focus in a little bit on what is hot in that particular category.

If you know Him, a One Year Anniversary Gift for Boyfriend is Easier

1. Clothing

This might not be the first thing that you think of, as often clothing is a gift that a guy gets from his mother or father for Christmas or for his birthday and is not generally that exciting. We’re really not talking about socks and underwear here, or even dress shirts. Consider that there are other things that he might actually want that you can get. If you want to be the best girlfriend of all time, you can plan ahead and order a jersey for his favourite sports team. The reason you need to plan ahead is that you can get it personalized with his favourite number and his name on the back. That’s one shirt he would actually be happy to get. You may also be able to tie it in with something he likes to do; if your boyfriend is a skier or snowboarder for instance getting him a really good ski jacket will be appreciated.

2. Sports Equipment

If your boyfriend is into sports, then this is a good option to consider. You might be worried that you don’t know so much about sports equipment but it’s not as difficult as it might seem. The truth of the matter is that in this category you usually get what you pay for. If you want to buy the best of something it is going to cost you more. Talking to his male friends will also help here. If he plays golf with a couple of buddies for instance it’s almost impossible for them not to talk about equipment that they’ve seen and admire. They will have the knowledge of whether he’s looking for a new driver or a new putter or perhaps a new set of irons.

3. Electronic Gadgets

If you’d like to make just about any guy happy, get him the latest gadget on the market. You should use a little bit of caution here though; a new LCD TV is probably going to have him perfectly ecstatic. If that’s a little bit out of your budget range, then something like a portable music player will also fit the bill if he doesn’t already have one or if his has become somewhat dated. In this category however you may want to stay away from cell phones and cameras. They are often sort of a personal thing, and it is pretty easy to choose one that he might not have picked himself.

4. Less Tangible Items

What you choose in this category can depend a little bit on how serious your relationship is. If you have been casually dating for a year then bringing him to a concert for his favorite group or sending him to a basketball game might be appropriate. If you have been dating for a year and are pretty serious and you also have the money to do it, try getting him a little vacation. Imagine the look on his face if he opens your card and sees plane tickets to Las Vegas. You are a lock for the girlfriend of the year award!

One Year Anniversary Gift for Boyfriend is About Choosing for Him

As long as you stick to the things that he likes and his interests there shouldn’t be any problem finding a good gift for your boyfriend at your one year anniversary. Particularly with the last category, make sure it’s something that he would like and not something that you might like. As much as you think it might be a fun and relaxing vacation, he might be little bit disappointed if you give him a trip to the winemaking country. Everybody’s different, maybe he will but if you don’t know stick to one of the other categories!

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