Last Minute Valentine Gifts
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So, maybe you’re one of those people that thrive on pressure and you put yourself in the position where you’re searching for last minute valentine gifts that are not going to disappoint a girlfriend or boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. Fear not, as there are still some things that you can do to keep yourself out of the doghouse. Just because it’s the last minute, doesn’t mean that your gift has to seem like it’s a last minute thought.

Last Minute Valentines Gifts can still be Special

1. The Tried and Tested

A bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates may seem a little cliché, but there’s a reason that they have endured for so many years. This is something that many people expect as a Valentine’s Day gift and don’t automatically assume that your wife doesn’t want a dozen roses because that’s what you got her last year. It is still special and iconic when it comes to Valentine’s Day. If its last minute, you can sometimes go on the Internet and order them with a credit card. If you really can’t find a place that can deliver on time and the flower shops seem to be out of stock, as a last ditch effort try the grocery store. You might be surprised that many grocery stores have a section that sells flowers and may have a few on hand. If you can’t give roses, best to get something else instead of nothing.

2. The Grocery Store for Last Minute Valentines Gifts

OK, it might seem that doing some Valentine’s Day shopping at the grocery store might be the most unromantic gift idea of all time. The idea is not to give a bunch of groceries; the idea is that you can go to the grocery store and pick up some things to put together a special evening. If you’re not a very good cook, you can usually find some exotic things like caviar or escargot that are actually easy to prepare. You can also usually find some chocolate to melt and then buy some fruits like strawberries and apples that you can cut up and dip in the chocolate. It’s easy and quick but very romantic. While you are there, grab some candles. Stop and get a nice bottle of wine on the way home if your special someone likes that and now you have romantic evening.

3. Something Different for the Absolute Last Minute

Now suppose you are really down to having almost no time at all. Think quickly, and use what you have at hand. You can give your wife or husband a book of coupons. Sounds odd, right? This is not a book of coupons for 20% off cereal. You can quickly make up a book of coupons for things like a foot massage whenever she wants, a few in there for a nice dinner of that he or she can redeem at any time and even a few ‘instant win an argument’ coupons that they can redeem whenever they want to get their way. You have left it to the last minute and now you may have to pay. You could potentially be spending a lot of time in the coming weeks or months paying off the coupons but it’s better than the alternative. If you’re good with a computer and you have enough time, whip up something quick in PowerPoint that is colourful and then print it. It will look a lot more like you planned it out that way.

4. You may have to break the Bank

If you have left it to the last minute, you might have to be ready to get your wallet out and use it. Make a few phone calls to a nice restaurant and see if you can get a table. If so, it can look like a well planned romantic evening. Jewellery is always a safe bet but this is also expensive. If you decide to take this route, make sure that you asked for a gift receipt. Don’t offer it automatically with the gift, as it may have a date on it.

Last Minute Valentines Gifts can be good, too

Just because you have left it to the last minute does not mean that you cannot find something good. You now have a number of ideas that you can use, and if you really want the day to be special try combining a few of them. If you stop off at the jewellery store, make a call for some flowers and then prepare a nice dinner, you will come out looking good.

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