Last Minute Gift Ideas
that Don’t Seem Like they are

Almost everybody has been there; whether it is because you are a procrastinator by nature or maybe you just left somebody off your list by accident almost all of us have been out trying to find last minute gift ideas for somebody. It is even more difficult when you are trying to buy something for your mother-in-law for instance, and you fear that it might be very uncomfortable if you show up with something that looks like it was bought at the drugstore on Christmas Eve.

No Need to Worry... There’s Plenty of Good Last Minute Gift Ideas

1. Food is one that is Always Appreciated

Everybody eats and everybody loves food of some sort. This can be an especially good option if you’ve got somebody to buy for that you don’t know all that well. Suppose you’re on the way to the office Christmas party and you realize that you didn’t get a present for your boss or a close colleague. If you can find your way to a specialty food shop, you can get things like a container of escargot or caviar. They’re not as expensive as they might seem, and they really stand out as a gift. You can also find things like big tins with four different kinds of flavoured popcorn. Also inexpensive, they can be the hit of a Christmas party.

2. Electronics make Great Last Minute Gift Ideas for Children or Teenagers

You really shouldn’t worry if the person that you need to buy a last minute gift for is a child or a teenager. Almost every one of them loves electronic gadgets, and as long as you know a little bit about them you can pick something that they would like. The range of possibilities is pretty wide; cell phones are now fairly inexpensive to buy, mp3 players are good and also don’t cost much. If it’s a young boy you can be sure that they would love a portable video game. If you happen to know that they already have the game player, then you can go out and buy a few additional games for them. If you are not down to the absolute last minute, you can go on to a website like and find all kinds of things that would be suitable.

3. Tickets are a good, quick option

This particular option works really well if you have a husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend that you need to buy a gift for and you have left it for the last minute. If it’s somebody close to you like this, and you’ll know what their interests are then it should be fairly easy to find tickets to a concert, a play or a game that they would enjoy. This is the kind of thing that is perfect for somebody close to you because it is something that you can go and do together. Just make sure that it’s something they like, not just something that you like!

4. Avoiding the Problem in the Future

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you have recently been in this situation and you know how stressful it is, a great way to avoid it in the future is to have a gift box stash somewhere in the house. You can have a few things that are appropriate for young children, a few bottles of wine which are a good gift to bring to a party if you’re invited at the last minute and some other odds and ends that would suit people of different ages. If you ever find yourself in this situation, you’ll be so glad when you reach into that box, pull out the present and then head off to the party.

Last Minute Gift Ideas can still be Great Gifts

The person that you’re buying for does not ever have to know that the gift you’re giving them is a last minute gift. If you take a few moments and choose correctly, you can find something that makes it seem like you are well prepared for the occasion. There’s no need to have to go to the drugstore on the way to the party and show up with something that really gives itself away as a last minute gift.

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