Homemade Christmas Gifts
Adding a Personal Touch

If you want to do something really special this Christmas, try coming up with some homemade Christmas gifts that can really show people that you care. Anybody can go to the mall and buy something, but if you take the time to make something yourself you can really put a special touch on it. At the same time, you still want to give somebody a good gift that they can use. What you decide on can depend on what skills you have and how much time you can dedicate to doing it. If you would like to do this for number of different people, it might be wise to do a few of them at the same time. Keep in mind that almost every project that you undertake to do will take a little longer than you expect.

Some Ideas for Homemade Christmas Gifts

1. From the Kitchen

If you are a good cook, then this should be an easy one for you. For people like your brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents you probably have a good idea of what they like. There may be a trusted family recipe for brownies, cookies or cakes that they are especially fond of. Even if you are not such a great cook, there are lots of things that you can do so long as you follow the instructions. The Internet is full of excellent recipes. Simply go through the list of ingredients to make a shopping list, print out the recipe and then follow the instructions. People will appreciate the time and effort that you’ve taken to make something personally for them.

2. Homemade Christmas Gifts from the Computer

If you are fairly good with computers, you can use Photoshop or a similar program to create a montage of pictures for someone. So long as you have enough pictures to work with, you can include captions or splice different pictures together to make them fun and humorous. Once you have made them on the computer you can either put them into a frame that you made or have bought. Since they are digital files, you can also put them on one of the picture frames that stores digital pictures and scrolls through them at preset intervals.

3. Homemade Games

This idea can take a little bit of work, but if you can pull it off it’s really neat. You can take an old style board game and make all the pieces yourself. If you have the time you could tackle something a little bit more involved like a monopoly, if not some things simpler like Chinese checkers will work just fine as well. If you go on the Internet you can get a few more ideas about games that you can make. If you are good with tools, it’s actually much easier to make your own chessboard than you might imagine. You will need two kinds of wood and carpenter’s glue. You’ll be amazed how great the result looks; just use alternating strips of light and dark wood and cut the pieces into small squares. Glue them together using long clamps and put either a light or dark border around the whole thing.

4. Start an Album

Especially if you are thinking of making homemade gifts for your family, try starting a family album. Instead of just using pictures, you can write stories or get a research company to give you a family history. The great thing about putting together an album like this is that it is something that you can add on to it in future years. It often seems that we will remember things that happened but if you write down your thoughts about certain events and include photographs it’ll give your children and their children a clear picture of your family history.

Homemade Christmas Gifts Can Be the Best Gifts under the Tree

Sometimes people can get an impression that homemade Christmas gifts have to be something cheap and well, crappy. This is absolutely not the case; if you use a little bit of imagination and take the time you can really create Christmas gifts that have meaning and show that you care. Some of them are things that will be cherished for many years.

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