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Putting Together Amazing Gift Baskets

Gift baskets can make a great present. You know those people that are really hard to buy for, and they seem to have just about everything? This can often be the perfect present for them because of a lot of what you put into a gift basket is something that gets used up. You don’t have to hit the mark on every single thing in a gift basket and it can still be a great present. Still, put a little bit of thought into it because if you give the same old gift basket or buy the pre-packaged ones often they are very bland and that can send a message that you really didn’t put much thought into the gift.

Good Gift Baskets are Unique

1. Mixing up the Contents

You can take the traditional route and put a number of jams and jellies, cheeses, crackers and a bottle wine into a wicker gift basket and pass it to somebody. That’s pretty standard, and it almost makes it seem like you left it to last minute and didn’t know what to get them. Whether you go out and buy a gift basket or put one together yourself you can add a few things that are out of the ordinary to make it special. Try slipping in a few DVDs along with the food. If you choose to do that, then throw in some microwavable popcorn. It gives the basket a theme and it shows that you tried a little harder to do something different. You can go to places like or to get some ideas.

2. Put Something Exotic in Your Gift Baskets

Sending a gift basket that is made up entirely of food can still be good. The way to spice it up a little bit is to put something different in it. Now, you should be little bit careful with this because if you’re giving it to your parents or siblings and you know that they’re not very adventurous with their food you can only go so far. If you think that they would like something different, you can get some really odd fruits that they haven’t tried before. Alternatively you can put in some exotic food recipes with most or all of the ingredients to make that particular dish. As an example, print out a recipe for at great Indian curry dish and then include some of the more difficult to find spices so they don’t have to make a special shopping trip.

3. Have a Bonus in the Gift Baskets!

You can throw something really unexpected into that gift basket to make it stand out. You can put things like calling cards that work great for students, or tickets that will work for just about anybody if you choose the right ones. The only thing that you have to take caution with when it comes to the tickets is the date. If you put tickets in the bottom of the basket and the date of the show or concerts is soon after the holiday, then they might miss it. It can also be a good idea if you’re worried about that to simply include a couple of free movie passes. Then they can see the movie of their choice and they will be pressed for time to do it.

4. Switch Up the Packaging a Little

Another way to make your gift baskets really special is to do something a little out of the ordinary with the wrapping. If you’re giving a basket to your young niece or daughter for instance you can tie it up with a skipping rope. If it’s for your father you can tie it up with an extension cord. There’s really no end to the possibilities of things that you can use; a computer mouse with a cord, a measuring tape or a pair of headphones with a wire will all work. They really depend on who you’re giving the basket to.

A Little Innovation is the Key

You don’t have to go completely overboard when it comes to gift baskets. The whole idea is that it is something relatively inexpensive and that you may not know the person so well. You will want to give them a number of different things hoping that they will like most of what they find in the basket. Building a better gift basket has a lot to do with just doing something a little different.

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