Finding Great Birthday Gifts
Get personal!

There is truly an art to finding great birthday gifts. The best way to start is to consider the age and the interests of the person that you’re buying for. You don’t want to be that aunt or uncle that buys gifts for your nieces and nephews that are teenagers that should have been for kids years younger than them. If they don’t have younger brothers or sisters to pass them down to, these gifts usually end up just hitting a closet and it also creates an awkward situation when they have to pretend that they like it. Instead, be that cool aunt or uncle that always seems to get the right thing. The same is true for adults as well. If you get something that they are really not interested in, they will just have to sit there and act like they like it, but after you leave it will either be forgotten about or worse, jokes will start flying.

Consider who is on the Receiving End of Birthday Gifts

1. The Teenagers

Perhaps the biggest hint that you can take when it comes to buying for teenagers: you are not nearly as hip as you think you are. Once you have gotten over this, you now know that you need to recruit some help when it comes to teenagers. Whether you’re buying for a son or daughter or somebody outside the family, try and get some help from one of their friends and really take it to heart. If they mention that the particular person wants the latest album from a band called ‘The Rubber Light Bulbs’ and you think this is just too ridiculous, remember that there were some weird band names when you were young as well. You may have heard this particular group and think that it is an orchestra of chain saws but remember the gift is not for you. Your noise may be their music.

2. Birthday Gifts for Siblings

Extra care should probably be taken here. Now, the chances are that you know your brothers and sisters fairly well and you can pick something that ties into a hobby that they have. If you are all grown up and you don’t get to spend a lot of time together anymore, consider that there might be an advantage in that instead of a disadvantage. You can get them tickets to come and see you somewhere and offer to put them up for a week. If you are already planning a family vacation, maybe you could do it somewhere close to them and spring for the hotel room for them and their family to stay.

3. Birthday Gifts for the Parents

This is always a tough one. The thing with parents is that they always seem to have just about everything that you might want to get for them. Over the years, they have accumulated many possessions and especially if they’re retired there are not that many things that they need for work and they probably have closets full of clothes. If you want to do something a little different and special, and they are somewhat adventurous you can eat try to create an interest for them. Suppose they are just retired and they don’t have a lot to do, depending on your budget you can either sign them up for a cruise or maybe even some dance lessons!

4. Birthday Gifts for Your Spouse

This is possibly the most important gift of all. Because you live with your husband or wife most every day, you want to be choosing carefully here folks. You can really go in one of two directions here. You can get them something that you can do together but that they would especially like. Maybe your husband has a basketball team that he follows and they will be in town. Maybe your wife has been itching to see a particular play. Otherwise, you can get them something they can do with their friends. They will still appreciate the sentiment. It will also endear you to their friends which many people find important.

It’s all about Personalization

Truly, you can’t go wrong so long as you showed the person that you have tried to get something that is really suitable for them. If you think about what they like you’re sure to get something good. If you leave it for the last minute and get the kind of gift that you believe would be good for anybody, it probably will not be that great at all.

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