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21 Audacious and Creative Birthday Gifts Ideas

Do you want to come up with the best and the most fun birthday gifts for your friends, relatives and family members? It is not as difficult as it seems. Most of us have a long list of ideas and suggestions for graduation days, wedding days, anniversaries and other occasions. However, we often end up giving boring gifts when it comes to birthdays. Well, check out 21 audacious ideas that will help you explore your creative side even as you make the birthday celebration more enjoyable.

  1. Hot air balloon ride- hide the ticket in the card
    Give an ordinary birthday greeting card and hide a pair of tickets for a hot air balloon ride in the same. The disappointment of receiving another boring gift and watching the expression transform into sheer glee when the hot air balloon ride enters the picture - that will make your unusual gift idea worthwhile.
  2. Bungee jumping trip
    If your sibling is of the adventurous sort, you can offer a bungee jumping trip in a nearby local adventure resort as a good birthday gift idea. You can work out all the details online and even pay for the same using your credit card.
  3. Design a game with the birthday boy as the hero
    If you really want to get your creative juices flowing, then you can design a game that the birthday boy or girl can play with friends. Have the birthday boy or girl as the main participant of the game to make the day extra special.
  4. Make an animation or video with snaps of the birthday boy or girl
    If you are good at computers, just get software programs that will help you make an animation video or a collage of snaps of the birthday boy or girl. This gift idea is particularly suitable for elderly and aged individuals who would like to look back on life with satisfaction.
  5. Take a metal sheet and stamp worlds best…. on it and paint it in gold
    If you want to impress your newly married husband or wife, you can get a few metal sheets from a hardware store, stamp them together and cut them in the shape of words-world’s best……… and can add a romantic word of endearment as you find suitable.
  6. Get family to sing a song and record it and give it as a gift
    If your brother or sister is living away from home, nothing will make them feel happier than a nice and useful birthday gift. Add a song or a video in which each and every member of the family participates. You may feel this gift idea is corny but a person who is nostalgic and missing home will definitely love it.
  7. Personalized clothes, accessories and stuff
    If nothing else works, you can always go in for personalized gifts. The choice is virtually unlimited from clothes and accessories to other useful daily use stuff.
  8. Football world cup schedule with venues, timing and teams for ready reference
    Football world cup is here, and you can easily offer a gift that contains all the details of all the teams, venues, television show timings and other trivia information. Such a thoughtful gift will be appreciated especially after you have nagged the husband or brother for spending too much time watching television
  9. A door mat shaped like a dog’s paw for pet lover or a fish shaped stapler for workaholic
    Just keep an eye out for the likes and dislikes of the individual and search for gifts online that are related to these likes and dislikes. For example, you can offer a cool and stylish fish shaped stapler for a person who spends a lot of time at office.
  10. Photo gifts- his or her or loved ones photos
    You can also opt for accessorized and personalized gifts. You can give photo frames or even photographs of all your near and dear once brought together in a collage or a snapshot.
  11. Auto repair tool kit for the motor fan
    If your husband or brother is an auto buff, you can offer auto repair kits and other accessories that will encourage him to spend more time on his favorite pastime. Of course, you may have a sister, wife or female relative who is an auto fan as well. You do not have to go in for girly gifts at all times, right?
  12. Newly married- scented candles for use for romantic dinners
    Scented candles and other such romantic gifts need not be restricted to anniversary gifts alone. You can also offer this as a wonderful birthday gift to a newly married couple.
  13. Electronics with funky covers and colors for teenagers
    Getting electronic gadgets for teenagers is a wonderful gift idea. However, you can become even more creative by going in for not just one but many electronic gadgets purchased at affordable prices from the World Wide Web covered in funky covers and colors.
  14. Written and decorated promise to buy a car for an 18 year old when he or she turns 21
    This is one option that you have if nothing else works. Get a well decorated and classy certificate from the World Wide Web and promise that you will get a car for your teenaged son or daughter after he or she completes an achievement or crosses a particular age.
  15. Prepare a chart and display it on the camera screen in any basketball or football game
    If your family member’s birthday falls during the local university or college games, you can have all your family members make charts and greeting wishes and display it prominently during the game. Would it not be nice to be wished a very happy birthday in front of hundreds of other citizens of your neighborhood?
  16. Decorate his or her cubicle before he or she lands up at office
    If the office staff cooperates, you can land up at work and decorate his or her cubicle in a classy and stylish manner. You can pretend as if you have forgotten the birthday and you can watch his or her face light up with a smile when the cubicle comes into view.
  17. Trip to Disneyland or nearest amusement park
    If you want your tiny tot to have lots of fun during his or her birthday, just go in for a trip to Disneyland or any nearby amusement park. Nothing better than having a snap with Mickey or Donald during a birthday celebrations, right?
  18. Meeting with a favorite sportsperson or film personality
    Try arranging a meet or even a phone call with favorite sports player or film celebrity. Of course, getting an appointment with George Clooney for your love struck teenaged girl will be a great idea. However, you will have to check out the logistics before you try such an extravagant gift.
  19. Digital photo frame
    If your brother or family member stays away often, you can give a digital photo frame that will showcase each and every snap of each and every family member automatically. The family member will never miss the presence of other loved ones at all. This is a great gifts for techies.
  20. Theme party with related gifts and dressing
    You can set up a theme party and buy related gifts, clothes and accessories. This idea will work for teenagers as well provided you do it in a classy and stylish manner
  21. Membership to wellness clinics
    You can get a membership bouquet for your overworked spouse or family member and have him or her enjoy luxurious massages and other wellness treatments in wellness clinics.
Posted by: gift_idea_expert
Jun 19, 2010

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