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10 Money Saving Tips for Personalized gifts

We've compiled a list of 10 great tips for cheaper personalized gifts.

  1. Buy online - Doing business online is always cheaper than off it. Hence, visiting an online store increases your chances of saving money on gifts. If you are not convinced, just check the price of a common gift like a mug or a personalized pen in online as well as traditional gift stores.
  2. Discounts and clearance sale - As in the real world, online stores offer frequent discounts and clearance sales. Make sure you check out online as well as offline stores to search for inexpensive personalized gifts. Gifts not purchased during the last season will always be available at a discount. You can always get inexpensive gifts for your friends and family members. If the gift product is not very exciting or cool, you can convert it into a gift basket and add a few other handmade or homemade gifts as well.
  3. Coupons - Keep your eyes open for coupons and discount quotes that are frequently offered by seller. One advantage of getting personalized gifts for birthdays and anniversaries online is that you can find discount coupons without any difficulty. Even a 10% discount coupon will help you save money.
  4. Free personalization - Search for stores offering free personalization of gifts. Many stores charge for gift product and for personalization separately. There are stores that offer free personalization. Buy your gifts from these stores.
  5. Compare prices - Never buy without visiting at least 10 stores on and off the web. Of course, you can easily visit ten or more stores simultaneously if you do it online. However, if you want to check out gift stores nearby, make sure you compare the prices of similar articles before you open your wallet. This will help to save money on personalized gifts.
  6. Buy in advance - Demand for gifts and other items will always increase during the holiday season. This will always result in an increase in prices. If you want to avoid this rush, you can buy well in advance. All it requires is a bit of planning. Analyze what your family member or relative would like as a gift and get it in advance.
  7. Subscribe to newsletters - This will help you keep track of the various offers and discounts offered by different store and online gift shops. You can always negotiate and request access to a particular offer or discount even if it has come to an end. As long as you promise bulk business and loyalty, the seller will definitely be interested in helping you out. This will help you cut down the cost of personalized gifts.
  8. Ask for free delivery - Online gift stores often charge separately for delivery. If you insist on free personalization and free delivery, you will definitely save 15%-25% of the cost of the gift. If possible, you can try and purchase personalized gifts for your family member is birthday or anniversary from online stores situated near by.
  9. Try personalization yourself - If nothing else works, you can buy an ordinary mug or pen and try personalizing it yourself. Home personalization is a good idea if you are giving gift to your father or mother or sibling. They would not bother about the price and the finish of the gift as long as it is given with love and affection, right? At the end of the day, it is the thought that counts, right?
  10. Personalize something that the individual already has - If you find it difficult to purchase anything because you are short of cash, you can use something that the recipient already has and personalize it using your skill or effort. Or, you can get it personalized from a store. If you have a mug, you can get photographs of all your family members printed on it and send it to your brother or sister as a birthday gift.
Posted by: gift_idea_expert
Jun 11, 2010

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