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10 Fun and Romantic Anniversary Gifts Under $50

Your anniversary is a time to celebrate your love, not go bankrupt! Here are some unique and inexpensive ways to make your anniversary truly special.

  1. Frame a great photo from your relationship. An elegant photo album can be found for $15 dollars or less at Target or JcPenny's. If you have the time, visit your local jewelry store and get the album engraved with your names or a message of love.
  2. A bottle of wine that you drank on a special occasion. See if you can hunt down the same brand and year you shared on a romantic night out or even on your first date.
  3. Buy a classic CD or DVD that your spouse loves. Try to find something they don't already have. Ask their closest friend for some advice. Plan a night in to watch it with them.
  4. Let loose and go dancing. Take your wife to the hippest club in town and have eyes for no one but her. It doesn't matter how good of a dancer you are. Its all about sharing a fun evening. Look for a venue with live music and an inexpensive cover charge.
  5. Recreate your first date. Wear the same clothes if you can remember. If you are an adventurous couple, you can pretend like its the first time you are meeting and get to know each other all over again.
  6. Personalized gifts can be inexpensive and memorable. Get a photo album, a piece of old jewelry, or wine glasses can cost less than $30 at your local jewelry store.
  7. Functional items are great anniversary presents if they are needed and hold significance to your relationship. If your wife enjoys baking, getting her decorate cooking ware is both useful and thoughtful.
  8. Stay in and make a favorite dish that you both enjoy. Creating a romantic night in can be just as exciting as going out to an upscale restaurant. Try a new recipe or go all out with an elaborate meal.
  9. A gift card for Give your wife or girlfriend the gift of relaxation with She can find spa and beauty treatments at a number of different spas and book reservations online.
  10. Go for an experience over a pricey item. Going on a bike ride by the beach and bringing your own picnic dinner can save money and give you both an evening to remember.
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Posted by: ketil
Jun 6, 2010

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