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Birthday gift ideas
For family, friends or colleagues

Looking for birthday gift ideas? We've got plenty, regardless of who is the recipient! Birthdays differ from many other special occasions in that there's just one person receiving, and potentially many people giving. So you're looking for something personal and special, yet unique enough not to be the same as everyone else is giving. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's tough. We're here to try to give you a helping hand, whether they have it all, or if they need everything.

Gift ideas for someone that has it all

Since you're here, we're freely assuming you're not sure what to buy. :-) That could indicate that the recipient is well off and has pretty much everything they need, and you're having trouble coming up with something. We're not short of suggestions anyway, though!

Gift ideas on a budget

So you're on a budget? No worries, we have plenty of suggestions, from cheap to homemade.

And don't forget, a surprise party is one of the best gifts of all! Just remember to get it on tape when you actually surprise them. You could send it to AFV and make lots of money! ;)

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